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Each of these buttons serves a purpose with navigation, including navigating you out of the site! It is recommended to use this homepage or the sidebar when exploring the site (to access the sidebar, click the hamburger icon on the top far left). If you don't know what you're looking for, use the search bar in the header to search for an article. You can search for author names, too!

Legal Documents

Here are the documents that contain the legal mumbo jumbo.

What's also Included

Song Use

Camellia's Music Usage Guidelines. Where you can find information about how and when to use his music!


Read this to figure out how to contribute. Includes directions, guidelines, and more!

What's also Included

Camellia Server

Information about the ever changing Camellia Server.

What's also Included


The one and only Camellia! Here, you can find information about Camellia's background and accomplishments.

What's also Included